About Us

The team at Simply Cashflow have been accumulatively in business for over 60 years and throughout that time we have individually and collectively had many great successes and equally some very challenging periods.  But throughout that journey one business tool that has always been at the centre of business management has been the cashflow forecasting tool.

After many years of using a restrictive excel spreadsheet the founder, Alan McCafferty, designed Simply Cashflow.  He says "I am absolutely delighted with the level of functionality and reporting this tool offers and I am excited by not only how easy it is to use but also at the level of visibility it provides businesses".  From planned investments to tendering for that next big contract to considering moving office or taking on new staff, Simply Cashflow is at the centre of all financial business decisions.  For some, it will be what funding we require to fund our growth plans, for others it will be, can we pay our staff salaries next month and meet creditor demands.  Simply Cashflow gives that visibility to assist with what needs to be done and where the financial pressure points are forecast to be.

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