Features and Benefits

Simply Cashflow is the simple but comprehensive way to manage your cashflow.

Empowering you to take control of your business.

Key features:
  • Unlimited Cash In and Cash Out Entries;
  • 5 Years of forecasting capability;
  • Fully interchangeable Monthly, Weekly or Daily view;
  • Repeat functionality for any Cash In/Out entry for repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually for any number of repeat occurrences;
  • Alarm indicators to highlight periods of a worsening cash position;
  • Archiving of historic data entry to ensure an uncluttered view is maintained;
  • Detailed Forecast Analysis section;
  • All key Reports predefined and ready to view - Data Reports, Tables, Graphs, Bar & Pie Charts;
  • Actual Cash In/Out values can be added to permit forecasting accuracy analysis;
  • SSL Secure Access Security;
  • Continuous automatic backup plus a daily backup so no further need to remember to backup and take copies home;
  • Unlimited Multi-User access - access from anywhere;
  • Global use capability: Multiple user currency will allow £, USD$, CAD$, AUD$, and EUR€ signage;
  • No more spreadsheets.

In addition, the 'What if' Forecast Modelling option includes:

  • Unlimited 'What if' Cash In & 'What if' Cash Out entries;
  • Multiple 'What if' Forecast Modelling capability;
  • 'What if' sensitivity/stress test function to challenge your assumptions, meaning that a % likelihood of occurring can be applied to your 'What if' Scenario Cash In/Out values;
  • Additional 'What if' Cash In/Out reporting.

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