Improve Your Cashflow through R&D Tax Credits

Since the introduction of the Research & Development Tax Credit Scheme in 2000, only 2% of British companies are actually claiming. This equates to around £2.9 billion, which is left on the table unclaimed each year.  Yes – £2.9 billion unclaimed!   One of the reasons is that most companies think they’re not eligible for the scheme because R&D tax credits are only for companies with R&D departments and men in white coats! Well, what exactly are ‘eligible activities’? I spoke with Brian Williamson, the Managing Director of Jumpstart – R&D Tax Credit Specialists and he … Continue reading

Forecasting with Simply Cashflow…..

Simply Cashflow is made up of 7 sections, as shown in our System Overview Video: 1.  Cash In – This section is used to contain all forecasted cash into your business, e.g. customer/client payments.  This should only be for existing contracts/sales and not speculative scenarios (use the ‘What if’ Cash In section for this). 2.  Cash Out – This section is used to contain all forecasted Cash Out of your business, e.g. Salaries, office rent/heating & lighting, materials, expenses etc..  Again, this should only be for known/planned costs and not for speculative ones (use the … Continue reading

Should I do Monthly, Weekly or Daily Cash Flow Forecasting?

The short answer is probably all 3!! Let me elaborate… Monthly: If your bank balance is comfortable, i.e. not in a critical position and does not fluctuate much mid-month then Monthly would be most suitable for you. Weekly: If your cash is a little tighter and can fluctuate quite a bit from week to week then I would recommend that Weekly forecasting would suit you best. Daily: If your cash is very tight, nearing on critical, and you watch your bank balance every day, then Daily forecasting is the one for you. This allows you … Continue reading