The Cash Flow News Weekly

So, what’s been happening in the cash flow world this week? Number of new Small Businesses Increases The number of people setting up micro-businesses and small businesses has risen over the past 12 months – by as much as 24%. studied 300,000 businesses and found that this change has taken place all across the country – with those in the North of England just as keen to start a new business and those in the South. Newcastle and Brighton were the cities that had seen the highest growth – 24% – followed closely by … Continue reading

The Cash Flow News Weekly

So, what’s been happening in the news this week? Economia Magazine gives cashflow tips Economia, a Business, Tech and Economics magazine, has published an article quoting a recent study by BBA, which found that lending by banks to SMEs fell in 80% of UK postcodes.  As well as this it was also found that larger corporations were taking advantage of their position, taking longer to play suppliers.  To help combat this, Economia gave their tips for SMEs to keep an eye on their cashflow. Among the tips covered were: the importance of nurturing a relationship … Continue reading

Featured Blog: Invoice Finance – The Best Kept Cashflow Secret

Invoice Finance can play a big part in helping manage your Cash Flow and will definitely make forecasting much more predictable.  I recently spoke with Glenn Blackman who is the Managing Director of Cashflow Acceleration Limited and he shared this with me: Invoice Finance is a simple working capital finance solution that releases the money that is normally tied up in unpaid sales invoices. When you raise an invoice on credit terms the invoice finance company gives you most of the value of that invoice immediately bridging the gap until your customer pays and you … Continue reading

Dr. Who’s Business Lessons

In Celebration of the brilliant Peter Capaldi being announced as the new Doctor Who, we took a look at some of the business – and life – lessons Doctor Who could teach you. Any lessons you’ve learned and want to add? Tweet us!   Always see the sunny side When things go belly-up, remain cheerful – a bright, sunny attitude could actually mean you respond to problems more effectively. Keep a sense of humour, too! But… When it comes to it, fight a good fight We’re not saying look for trouble, but if trouble finds … Continue reading

The Cash Flow News Weekly

Making the headlines in cash flow news this week… Business Credit CEO give his tips on cash flow The CEO of a business aimed at connecting small businesses with a network of lenders has given his personal tips for handling cash flow peaks and troughs – and placed planning ahead at the top of the agenda. Rohit Arora, of Biz2Credit, recommended faster invoicing, encouraging customers to pay sooner or with a deposit, and maintaining a solid relationship with creditors. As Arora said, “Cash flow can make or break you. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t plan ahead … Continue reading