The Cash Flow News Weekly

Just when we thought the Chinese were unstoppable in their pursuit of growth – even they need to manage their businesses well to avoid cash flow issues.  Here’s a truncated extract of an interestingly article I read recently and one where cash flow concerns are now a strong focus in their property developing sector: “A headline-making debt woe afflicting a small Chinese property developer has highlighted an ongoing cash-flow headache in the sector… investigation showed that plummeting land prices was one of the major contributors……”More property developers will face similar pressures as transaction volumes slow and … Continue reading

What Award Winning Bibby Financial Services Had To Say….

In 2013 Bibby Financial Services was awarded, for the sixth consecutive year, the NACFB award for Best Factor and Invoice Discounter so I was pleased to meet up with Graeme Scougall, Associate Director of Bibby Factors Scotland Limited to talk to him about his thoughts on financing in the UK now and the role invoice finance firms like his own. I asked him: Q:  Even though positivity is returning to the UK market, what challenges are businesses now facing? A:  Despite this increasing positivity, small and medium sized businesses still face a number of challenges, … Continue reading

Featured Blog: Invoice Finance – The Best Kept Cashflow Secret

Invoice Finance can play a big part in helping manage your Cash Flow and will definitely make forecasting much more predictable.  I recently spoke with Glenn Blackman who is the Managing Director of Cashflow Acceleration Limited and he shared this with me: Invoice Finance is a simple working capital finance solution that releases the money that is normally tied up in unpaid sales invoices. When you raise an invoice on credit terms the invoice finance company gives you most of the value of that invoice immediately bridging the gap until your customer pays and you … Continue reading

Improve Your Cashflow through R&D Tax Credits

Since the introduction of the Research & Development Tax Credit Scheme in 2000, only 2% of British companies are actually claiming. This equates to around £2.9 billion, which is left on the table unclaimed each year.  Yes – £2.9 billion unclaimed!   One of the reasons is that most companies think they’re not eligible for the scheme because R&D tax credits are only for companies with R&D departments and men in white coats! Well, what exactly are ‘eligible activities’? I spoke with Brian Williamson, the Managing Director of Jumpstart – R&D Tax Credit Specialists and he … Continue reading