Simply Cashflow – Getting Started

To get started carry out the following: 1.    When you first log in you’ll be asked for your latest bank/cash position.  This is required to give the forecast a starting point of what your cash position is now.  If you don’t have it close by you can close this pop up box, continue then add it in the next time you log in.  Alternatively, you can go to the Analysis section and add it here (End of Period Actual Cash Position – yellow row). 2.    Go to Set-up then Settings and select: The currency symbol … Continue reading

Forecasting with Simply Cashflow…..

Simply Cashflow is made up of 7 sections, as shown in our System Overview Video: 1.  Cash In – This section is used to contain all forecasted cash into your business, e.g. customer/client payments.  This should only be for existing contracts/sales and not speculative scenarios (use the ‘What if’ Cash In section for this). 2.  Cash Out – This section is used to contain all forecasted Cash Out of your business, e.g. Salaries, office rent/heating & lighting, materials, expenses etc..  Again, this should only be for known/planned costs and not for speculative ones (use the … Continue reading

Should I do Monthly, Weekly or Daily Cash Flow Forecasting?

The short answer is probably all 3!! Let me elaborate… Monthly: If your bank balance is comfortable, i.e. not in a critical position and does not fluctuate much mid-month then Monthly would be most suitable for you. Weekly: If your cash is a little tighter and can fluctuate quite a bit from week to week then I would recommend that Weekly forecasting would suit you best. Daily: If your cash is very tight, nearing on critical, and you watch your bank balance every day, then Daily forecasting is the one for you. This allows you … Continue reading