The Cash flow Weekly News

Hi, we’re back…well we’ve never been away, just haven’t been doing our blog!! We thought it was about time we started it again so here we are.  We pondered over what our topic should be and Alan, our Chief Executive, suggested we look at the definition of cash flow issues, well we had a laugh. We googled ‘What is a cash flow crisis?’ and got the following: “For a single business, a liquidity crisis occurs when the otherwise solvent business does not have the liquid assets (i.e., cash) necessary to meet its short-term obligations, such … Continue reading

What Award Winning Bibby Financial Services Had To Say….

In 2013 Bibby Financial Services was awarded, for the sixth consecutive year, the NACFB award for Best Factor and Invoice Discounter so I was pleased to meet up with Graeme Scougall, Associate Director of Bibby Factors Scotland Limited to talk to him about his thoughts on financing in the UK now and the role invoice finance firms like his own. I asked him: Q:  Even though positivity is returning to the UK market, what challenges are businesses now facing? A:  Despite this increasing positivity, small and medium sized businesses still face a number of challenges, … Continue reading

Ways To Improve Your Cash Flow

We all know that “Cash is King” – here are a few customer and creditor payment tips to help you save money and improve cash flow within your business… For customer payments, here’s what you can do: Shorten your credit period – asking customers to pay sooner can ease the flow of your cash. You could even use a small discount as an incentive for customers to pay early; Check the credit scores of new customers not paying cash – and avoid those with risky ratings; Prompt payments are encouraged by prompt invoices – keeping … Continue reading

‘What if’ Scenarios – An Essential Part of Your Cash Flow Forecasting

‘What if’ scenario functionality is for financial occurrences that could-maybe-possibly happen and if they did this is what would happen to your cash flow.  What do I mean by that?…well, let me first say that your main cash flow forecasting should only be for cash in/out that you know should occur – like sales won/made, office rent, salaries and other known costs etc..   The ‘What if’ part is for scenarios like potential new sales or extra costs but not confirmed ones, like, “what if we open a new office, make a big investment or … Continue reading

Simply Cashflow – Our Pricing Structure

We often get asked why we set the pricing we way we did, well… All new users receive a 60 day free trial.  Why not a 7, 15 or 30 day free trial as is the norm with cloud based packages? Well, we want to give new users plenty of time to try it out and to see the benefits it brings to their business – I just don’t think less than that gives them enough time to really see the power and value of Cashflow Forecasting with Simply Cashflow. We like to keep things … Continue reading