The Cash flow Weekly News

Hi, we’re back…well we’ve never been away, just haven’t been doing our blog!! We thought it was about time we started it again so here we are.  We pondered over what our topic should be and Alan, our Chief Executive, suggested we look at the definition of cash flow issues, well we had a laugh. We googled ‘What is a cash flow crisis?’ and got the following: “For a single business, a liquidity crisis occurs when the otherwise solvent business does not have the liquid assets (i.e., cash) necessary to meet its short-term obligations, such … Continue reading

The Cash flow News Weekly!

This week for Simply Cashflow’s News Weekly were feeling very international bringing all you lovely folk cashflow news from around the globe! Australia Being in business we all know that cashflow can be a challenge and the sports sector is no different.  In the news this week Australian Rugby has reported declining cashflow – crikey mate! The slump in cashflow comes from a lack of funds, which were available during the games golden period, but are no longer around as shown by last year’s reduction in match fees. But don’t be too worried just yet!  … Continue reading

Dr. Who’s Business Lessons

In Celebration of the brilliant Peter Capaldi being announced as the new Doctor Who, we took a look at some of the business – and life – lessons Doctor Who could teach you. Any lessons you’ve learned and want to add? Tweet us!   Always see the sunny side When things go belly-up, remain cheerful – a bright, sunny attitude could actually mean you respond to problems more effectively. Keep a sense of humour, too! But… When it comes to it, fight a good fight We’re not saying look for trouble, but if trouble finds … Continue reading

Improve Your Cashflow through R&D Tax Credits

Since the introduction of the Research & Development Tax Credit Scheme in 2000, only 2% of British companies are actually claiming. This equates to around £2.9 billion, which is left on the table unclaimed each year.  Yes – £2.9 billion unclaimed!   One of the reasons is that most companies think they’re not eligible for the scheme because R&D tax credits are only for companies with R&D departments and men in white coats! Well, what exactly are ‘eligible activities’? I spoke with Brian Williamson, the Managing Director of Jumpstart – R&D Tax Credit Specialists and he … Continue reading

Forecasting with Simply Cashflow…..

Simply Cashflow is made up of 7 sections, as shown in our System Overview Video: 1.  Cash In – This section is used to contain all forecasted cash into your business, e.g. customer/client payments.  This should only be for existing contracts/sales and not speculative scenarios (use the ‘What if’ Cash In section for this). 2.  Cash Out – This section is used to contain all forecasted Cash Out of your business, e.g. Salaries, office rent/heating & lighting, materials, expenses etc..  Again, this should only be for known/planned costs and not for speculative ones (use the … Continue reading