The Cash flow News Weekly!

Happy Monday everyone!  To help fight the Monday blues we have another Cashflow News Weekly for all our wonderful readers.  This week great news for small businesses! Scotland Bibby Financial Services – Invoice Finance company, with offices across the UK and internationally, reports increased lending by 40% for Scottish businesses over the last 12 months. BFS has lent over £25m to small Scottish companies. Why you might be asking yourselves?  Well, the company aims to offer small businesses improved cash flow and support within their ambitions to expand! But wait, there’s more great news! Bibby Financial Services have also … Continue reading

‘What if’ Scenarios – An Essential Part of Your Cash Flow Forecasting

‘What if’ scenario functionality is for financial occurrences that could-maybe-possibly happen and if they did this is what would happen to your cash flow.  What do I mean by that?…well, let me first say that your main cash flow forecasting should only be for cash in/out that you know should occur – like sales won/made, office rent, salaries and other known costs etc..   The ‘What if’ part is for scenarios like potential new sales or extra costs but not confirmed ones, like, “what if we open a new office, make a big investment or … Continue reading

The Essential Business Questions: Have You Asked Them? Part 2

The owner – or manager – of every single business, whether it’s personalised piggy-banks or prisons, should ask themselves if they’re making the right decisions. In part 1 we compiled a list of 10 questions that business owners and managers should ask themselves to ensure their management, whether it be cash flow or personnel, is as it should be. Here, in part 2, we ask another 10. All 20 questions are available for download in .pdf format below The interesting thing about these questions is that they are universally relevant, big business or micro – so how many of … Continue reading

Invoice Management: How To Get Paid On Time

Some tips to help you get paid on time – and preserve those ever-important client relationships… Clearly pre-agree payment. With every invoice raised, make sure payment terms are openly discussed and pre-agreed.  By explaining your invoicing system – when and how you invoice and expect payment – you minimise the risk of delayed payment.  Whether your payment terms are on delivery, 30 days or more, make sure your client is completely aware and both agree on payment structure.  If done verbally then always follow up with an email to confirm.  Better still, signing a contract … Continue reading