The Cash flow News Weekly!

Happy Monday everyone!  To help fight the Monday blues we have another Cashflow News Weekly for all our wonderful readers.  This week great news for small businesses! Scotland Bibby Financial Services – Invoice Finance company, with offices across the UK and internationally, reports increased lending by 40% for Scottish businesses over the last 12 months. BFS has lent over £25m to small Scottish companies. Why you might be asking yourselves?  Well, the company aims to offer small businesses improved cash flow and support within their ambitions to expand! But wait, there’s more great news! Bibby Financial Services have also … Continue reading

The Cash Flow News Weekly

It’s Friday again, and that means it’s time for the Cash Flow News Weekly! So what’s been in the news this week? Kodak emerges from bankruptcy Kodak has come out of bankruptcy, after leaving behind many of the businesses that made it famous. The company has moved on to selling printing equipment and services, aimed at businesses. Kodak’s personal film businesses, which includes 105,000 photo kiosks around the world and souvenir photos at amusement parks, is now owned by its UK pension fund. The company was founded in 1892 and was famed for making photography accessible to … Continue reading

Dr. Who’s Business Lessons

In Celebration of the brilliant Peter Capaldi being announced as the new Doctor Who, we took a look at some of the business – and life – lessons Doctor Who could teach you. Any lessons you’ve learned and want to add? Tweet us!   Always see the sunny side When things go belly-up, remain cheerful – a bright, sunny attitude could actually mean you respond to problems more effectively. Keep a sense of humour, too! But… When it comes to it, fight a good fight We’re not saying look for trouble, but if trouble finds … Continue reading

The Cash Flow News Weekly

So, what’s made the headlines this week? Detroit goes bankrupt The city of Detroit, Michigan, has become the largest in American history to be declared bankrupt. The city’s finances have been under review by Kevyn Orr, a bankruptcy attorney. Orr released his first report in May, commenting, “The city is clearly insolvent on a cash flow basis” – and estimating that at the end of its budget year, Detroit would end with a $162 million cash flow shortfall. Sadly, the city has had to file for bankruptcy – with an estimated $18 billion debt. This … Continue reading

The Cash Flow News Weekly

So, what’s in the news this week? UAE worried about cash flow Recent findings suggest that almost 3 in 10 Chief Financial Officers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have cited cash flow as their biggest concern. The main reasons given were customer / client insolvencies, competitor pricing and low margins, slow paying customers and higher business expenditures. The Director of Robert Half UAE said, “Cash flow clearly remains a priority for finance leaders, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)… With SMEs contributing to the UAE’s fiscal growth, job creation and economic well-being, it is essential … Continue reading